Baptiste Power of Yoga™ in Partnership with
Harmonia Wellness Center & Social Club
Present: Foundations Yoga Training

Yoga Teacher Certification & Advancing Your Study of Yoga Program

This program will apply toward 200 and 500 hr
Baptiste Yoga Teacher Certification and Continued Ed Programs.
Required weekends: May – November, 2017 Program

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Sessions I & II

Weekend module, provides 6 in class hours,
giving 9 contact hours
Cost $195 Non-Members - $185 Harmonia Members
(single sessions $108)
Location: Harmonia Wellness Center- Sausalito, CA
To Register: Call Harmonia to Register 415 332-1432

Jill Abelson

The Koshas are sheaths, layers or casings within the body and suggest a progression from outer to inner and from gross to subtle. The idea that the body has various sheathings is an ancient concept in yoga, likening the body to a tree or a plant that has various layers of bark or membrane-like coverings. When decoded and understood, the mysteriously powerful workings of the inner body reveal new meaning, subtle feeling, and graceful force into our practice and teaching. This workshop dives deep into the multi-layered subtle bodies of yoga anatomy. Students will also learn to recognize imbalance or blockages, with insights into the five koshas’ physical, mental and emotional attributes.

ANATOMY OF THE SUBTLE BODY: Session I — June 25, 3-6pm
ANNAMAYA KOSHA: physical body - associated with
• Setting up the poses: Hand/foot pattern + foundation
• Gross muscle/large muscle groups
• Leg/arm skeletal alignment
• Grounding and firming the postures
PRANAYAMA KOSHA: energetic body - associated with
• breath and pranayama
• light touch and refinements to poses to awaken energy
• energetic alignment of all postures
MANOMAYA KOSHA: emotional body - associated with
• restorative poses, hip openers, backbends
• meditation posture + practice
ANATOMY OF THE SUBTLE BODY: Session II — Saturday, Aug 26, 9:30-12:30
VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA: intellectual body - associated with
• alignment of all poses
• deepening understanding/comprehension
• balance in all poses
ANANDAMAYA KOSHA: bliss body - associated with
• inversions
• savasana

BIO: Jill Abelson (500 E-RYT) is a teacher, trainer and author whose heart and soul over the past 10 years has been training and mentoring the next generation of yoga teachers. She has been on the senior 200/500HR TT faculty at Yoga Tree in San Francisco since 2010, specializing in assisting, sequencing, alignment, subtle body and philosophy. She has trained with renowned teachers Lex Gillan (Hatha yoga), David Swenson (Ashtanga vinyasa), Michael Carroll (Kripalu yoga), Shiva Rea (vinyasa) and most extensively with her primary teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga in NYC. Before moving to the Bay area, Jill taught to sold-out classes at Washington DC’s award winning Flow Yoga Center and rose up in the ranks to become Advanced Certified in the Jivamukti lineage and international Teacher Training mentor, all while working full-time in environmental policy and communications. In addition to Yoga Tree, she has served on the training faculty of Jivamukti Yoga’s 300-hour Teacher Training Program and at Yoga Flow SF, Giggling Lotus SF, Flow Yoga Center, Buddha B Yoga, Tranquil Space, Shakespeare Theater Academy of Classical Acting and City Fitness Gym all in Washington DC. Jill lives in Marin with husband Jeff and two Siamese rescue cats and teaches at Yoga Works, Yoga Tree, Ekam Yoga Napa and Grace Cathedral in SF.

Call Allison Berardi - 415 332-1432 or Allison at 415-819-8524
Please in addition also Email: Sherri Baptiste at Baptiste Power of Yoga

Harmonia Wellness Center/Social Club (10 min North of San Francisco)
Sausalito, CA
(10 min North of San Francisco)

Harmonia Wellness Center/Social Club is a facility dedicated on every level to helping its clientele achieve the very best of wellbeing for body, mind and spirit. Harmonia offers a studio experience that elevates your practice and your studies. This Historic: Plant Record Recording Studio, with its community of members and staff is dedicated to the very best of community events, education, health and fitness.

Additional: Sherri Baptiste mentoring and ‘Baptiste Power of Yoga Teacher Certification’ are also available. Please request more information.

Please in addition also Email: Sherri Baptiste @ Baptiste Power of Yoga

Program Director: Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She is the daughter of America’s yoga pioneers and master teachers Magana and Walt Baptiste. A member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Sherri’s teacher -training certification and continuing education programs 200 hr and 500 hr are recognized by Yoga Alliance at the highest designated levels of E-RYT 500. She is also recognized by the International Yoga Federation as an honorary member of the World Yoga Council. Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ she is the Author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies & Yoga All in One for Dummies. She serves as a Conference Presenter nationally and internationally, as her teacher training programs provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle.