Baptiste Power of Yoga™ in Partnership with
Harmonia Wellness Center & Social Club
Present: Foundations Yoga Training

Yoga Teacher Certification & Advancing Your Study of Yoga Program

This program will apply toward 200 and 500 hr
Baptiste Yoga Teacher Certification and Continued Ed Programs.
Required weekends: May – November, 2017 Program

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Raja Yoga Meditation Training
Sessions I and II

Saturday, July 22 10am-12 & 3-6pm (5hrs/credit)
Cost: $195 Workshop I & II Sessions,
Harmonia Members $175, Single Sessions $98

Michele Hébert

THE BRAIN ON MEDITATION: Learning to Meditate

We will explore the latest research on meditation and the brain and practice vedic mantras and chants that are part of the Yogic tradition.

The supportive nature of meditation practice provides for our brain includes:
a slow, steady, and consistent reckoning with enhanced awareness of our realities, and the ability to take a step back, become more objective, more accepting, less judgmental, and less reactive.

On a practical Western Medicine Research level brain studies are showing us that areas of the brain influenced and positively supported, when we establish a meditation practice include:

Anterior Cingulate Cortex: Increased grey matter behind the brain’s frontal lobe, have been associated with such functions as self-regulatory processes, including the ability to monitor attention conflicts, and allow for more cognitive flexibility.
Prefrontal Cortex: Increased grey matter density of the prefrontal lobe, which are primarily responsible for executive functioning such as planning, problem solving, and emotion regulation.
Hippocampus: Increased cortical thickness in the hippocampus has also been noted. The hippocampus part of the limbic system governs learning and memory, and is extraordinarily susceptible to stress and stress-related disorders like depression or PTSD.

PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY: Develop a deep meditation practice –
Simple daily techniques to enhance your wellbeing.

The ancient spiritual discipline of meditation, the core of many wisdom traditions, has integrated itself into modern life. On one level it is a powerful tool for relieving stress, maintaining health, enhancing brain development and promoting creativity. On a deeper level it is a direct pathway for our evolution as spiritual beings discovering our indwelling divinity.

TECHNIQUES & PRACTICES: How do we get there?

Tension in the physical body holds the mind to the physical. Accumulated stress and tension create stress patterns in the neural pathways of the brain. In this training you will learn to release tension from the physical body (through yoga, chanting, and pranayama) so the mind is free to move inward and learn meditation practices to change the very workings of the brain.

POSITIVE RENEWAL: As Einstein once said - ‘The Greatest Knowledge of All is Experience’

During the weekend you will learn and practice meditation from the Vedic tradition, a classical focus on the breath and mantra, with the breath as the chariot we ride into our innermost center of being.

These workshops will provide practices and insights that elevate and quicken your purposeful evolution of consciousness. The goal is to establish a daily practice that connects you with Spirit and Self that provides greater awareness, consciousness and joy into your daily life experience.

Please bring your mala beads, to the session. Michele will guide you on how best to practice with them.

All levels of ability (beginners to advanced practioners of meditation) welcome - For Yoga Teachers, Yoga Practitioners and Meditators looking to deepen their spiritual practice.

BIO: Michele Hébert is a yoga and meditation teacher, fitness expert, and author. She pioneered the first meditation-based stress management program at the renown Scripps Clinic, in La Jolla and developed Introduction to Meditation at UC San Diego. As a senior teacher in the Walt Baptiste Method of Raja Yoga, her work has been a transformative factor in the lives of thousands over a thirty-year period. She is the author of the award winning The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment, the story of her spiritual training with Walt Baptiste. (2011 Silver Nautilus Book Award)

These workshops are open to all students of Yoga: members, nonmembers, teachers, teachers-in-training and those who want to deepen their practice. 24 Hour cancellation policy applies.

Call Allison Berardi - 415 332-1432 or Allison at 415-819-8524
Please in addition also Email: Sherri Baptiste at Baptiste Power of Yoga

Harmonia Wellness Center/Social Club (10 min North of San Francisco)
Sausalito, CA
(10 min North of San Francisco)

Harmonia Wellness Center/Social Club is a facility dedicated on every level to helping its clientele achieve the very best of wellbeing for body, mind and spirit. Harmonia offers a studio experience that elevates your practice and your studies. This Historic: Plant Record Recording Studio, with its community of members and staff is dedicated to the very best of community events, education, health and fitness.

Additional: Sherri Baptiste mentoring and ‘Baptiste Power of Yoga Teacher Certification’ are also available. Please request more information.

Please in addition also Email: Sherri Baptiste @ Baptiste Power of Yoga

Program Director: Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She is the daughter of America’s yoga pioneers and master teachers Magana and Walt Baptiste. A member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Sherri’s teacher -training certification and continuing education programs 200 hr and 500 hr are recognized by Yoga Alliance at the highest designated levels of E-RYT 500. She is also recognized by the International Yoga Federation as an honorary member of the World Yoga Council. Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ she is the Author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies & Yoga All in One for Dummies. She serves as a Conference Presenter nationally and internationally, as her teacher training programs provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle.